Need a break? May be an afternoon pick-me-up?

Snack with Purpose

Enjoy 5 delicious snacks at top local eateries near you for $10/mo. Every SnackPass helps Zero Percent transport prepared and perishable food safely to neighborhood charities, instead of being wasted. 

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Get SnackPass for $10/mo

Snack for Energy

Get tasty snacks at local restaurants committed to bettering our community and the environment. Choose delicious snacks from 30+ convenient choices, or maybe try something new.

Snack without Stress

Subscriptions suck! We get it. So, SnackPass is commitment-free. You can cancel your pass with a click, anytime. However once you start snacking with us,  we think you may be snacking for good :)

Snack for Good

Your SnackPass membership helps deliver 30 rescued meals to local charities, every month. By transporting leftover food, we bring down the biggest barrier to reducing food waste. Learn more.

Thoroughly thought through; awesome experience.

Nikki C., Loop

A great opportunity to do something impacful with minimal $ (and fun way to engage w/local restaurants)

Alice R., River North

It sounds very user friendly. I especially like the tracking-your-impact feature.

Valerie J., West Loop

Feel a snack-attack coming on?

For just $10 a month, get delicious snacks for your 3 pm blues or the morning rush. Choose from 30+ snacks at local, socially responsible restaurants. Pretty pretty please?


How often will I get this snack box?

There is no box. Go out, stretch your legs on a stressful afternoon at work, or explore the city. Just like Pokémon GO, you know.

Is it only macarons?

Ah, you know it too. Our founder Raj loves macarons, but we convinced him not everyone wants macarons all the time. We have trekked Chicago and found the best snacks for you. For example, cashew yogurt, soup, breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, donuts, and coffee.

How does it help Chicago?

While you are enjoying your delectable snacks, your SnackPass helps Zero Percent run refrigerated vans to rescue excess food from local restaurants and deliver 30 nutritious meals to local charities.